Behind The Brews in 2012

As the blog’s first month wraps up and the end of 2011 looms, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want this blog to go in 2012. Although individual beer reviews will still be the focus, I’d like to expand a little beyond that by reviewing places, writing some opinion and informational pieces, and perhaps interviewing some people working in the industry. Some changes I’ve been kicking around:

  • A non-.wordpress URL accompanied by a possible name change to encompass more of the beer industry in general. Perhaps a contest to name the new blog, with a liquid prize of course.
  • Having guest posts/reviews and acting as a guest poster/reviewer for other beer media sources. Let me know if you’re interested either way.
  • A theme of some sort. Right now my favorite idea is trying a beer from a different state each week. 52 weeks to drink beers from 50 states, with a focus on smaller/newer breweries. Many states will be easy of course, while some will be quite an adventure to track down (North Dakota, for example, has only two breweries, neither of which bottle their beer). Let me know if you can contribute.

I’m very open to suggestions, so fire away.

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2 Responses to Behind The Brews in 2012

  1. Hey Dave…the name of the blog is great, so don’t change that…but losing the wp would be good. I’d be interest is a guest post as well as having you do a guest post for sports-glutton, that is if you’re interested. Lastly, themes are always good and the States idea would be an interesting follow.

  2. Dave Stokley says:

    Hey thanks for the feedback. Definitely would be interested in trading guest posts. Shoot me an email at behindthebrews at gmail dot com.

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