50 States Series

I wanted to have some sort of theme to guide my reviews in 2012, and I’ve decided upon the 50 States Series (plus Washington DC). Each week of the year I’ll be reviewing beers from a new state. To narrow this down a little more, I’ve decided to focus on new and smaller breweries that are lesser known and don’t distribute nationally. I’m especially interested in those breweries that are canning their beers, although this is by no means a requirement to be featured.

I’ve been working hard to secure the beers for the first few weeks of this series, and have already obtained commitments from several breweries. Even if another brewery from your state has already committed, this doesn’t mean you can’t be featured too. Every brewery that wants to participate will be guaranteed at least one day dedicated exclusively to that brewery.

So far breweries from the following states have committed to participate (all slots have been filled for states in red):

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

If you’re interested in participating email me at behindthebrews@gmail dotcom.


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