My Rating System

Obviously the ratings are just one person’s opinion, so feel free to disagree and debate. Also, I don’t review to style necessarily, but more with a focus on the overall quality of the brew.

My reviews look at four aspects of the beer: Look, Smell, Taste, and All-Around. Each is rated on a C scale from 0-10 (7.5 being a C, just like in school) and weighted to produce a score out of 100. The categories seem pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll elaborate a little:

  1. Look (10% of total score) – Color, head, lacing, carbonation, packaging.
  2. Smell (20%) – Nothing to add. How does it smell?
  3. Taste (50%) – In addition to how it tastes this category will also include aspects of texture, such as body, carbonation, etc.
  4. All-Around (20%) – Overall impression. Basically an anything goes category. Value likely to be a factor. Would I drink it again? Would I recommend it to someone?

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